Why you should embrace being single

Most of single people spend their single years wishing and looking for a partner. You shouldn’t ever be ashamed of being single.

If you are content with being single, you spend your single years being shamed for being single. People in relationships are constantly trying to set you up with someone else and others pitying you because you are not in a romantic relationship.

Society gives you timelines for being single. If you are 30 and single then you have such a big problem especially for women. It’s used as a weapon to insult you. They say you’re too picky or you’re attitude is wrong. You’re too independent.

People have started moving away from societal norms but we can’t shake this norm.

Singleness is associated with desperation. Maybe you just haven’t found the person who you can be with.

Sometimes it can be lonely; watching people holding hands on the street looking at social media #couplegoals. Before social media came around the only person who you would compare yourself was neighbors and friends.  Social media makes you compare yourself with someone who lives in a different city, country or continent. That’s very sad. Don’t allow loneliness to make you lower your standards and make you settle for anything that comes your way

This period of being single is a great time for

  • Growing in your spirituality. Whether you are religious or not, it is always a good time to meditate and figure out what you want to be your guiding principles.
  • A good time to develop a relationship with yourself. So you don’t need any person to make you happy. It’s a good time for the creation of an independent individual who is whole by themselves. Take time to treat and pamper yourself and learn to enjoy your own company.
  • A great time to grow economically and make that money. Build your business, invest your money in other businesses and even take a job in another country or city. Sometimes a relationship may hold you back. Sheryl Sandberg mentioned in her book Lean In that she came across a young lady who was planning her life while considering a partner in the future and yet she didn’t have a boyfriend.
  • Being single is also a good time to build long lasting friendships. Friends who will always stand with you. Choosing your own family.
  • A good time to educate yourself. Both school education and life education in topics such as personal finance which is one of the most important things in life to know because you cannot survive without cash.

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