How to Stay up all Night; for work, studying and more

If you are a serial procrastinator then this is not new to you. Maybe you need to finish an assignment that is due or you are approaching a work deadline. You need to be well equipped for this. In order to pull an all nighter;

  1. Resolve to do it. Battles are won in the mind first. During that long night you will feel drowsy and you need to convince yourself to do it. These scenes in movies where a character has an angel and a demon trying to convince them what to do. Normally the angel and the demon are on opposing sides ( obviously). That is what that battle of going to sleep versus staying awake feels like.  Remember the work you had planned to do.
  2. Hydrate. This will not only keep you awake but is great for brain function. Drinking water when studying or working increases productivity. The various bathroom breaks you will help you stay awake.
  3. Load up on the caffeine. Caffeine will increase energy, concentration and keep you awake. Do not take coffee on an empty stomach. Coffee can cause stomach upsets and heart burns. If you are taking energy drinks do not take too much because the sugar levels in those things are insane. If you are not comfortable with the caffeine from the coffee, you can look for caffeine free alternatives. Apples and even green tea are great for this. There are several herbal teas that do not pack as much caffeine as coffee but have the effect of providing energy.
  4. Take breaks and walk around. The stretching will be good for you and it will keep you awake. Walk around in intervals.
  5. Distract yourself with music and games like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush.
  6. Take a nap.  If you don’t sleep you could pass out because of exhaustion. The lack of sleep catches up with you in the morning. Do not drive in this state. You could fall asleep behind the wheel.

Make sure that you catch up on the lost sleep. That day will be filled with headaches, mood swings and being generally exhausted.

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