15 Inspirational Life Lessons From The Five Second Rule By Mel Robbins

1. Only we can hold ourselves back. We have the ability to control our own fate.

2. We are able to push ourselves to take action even if we don’t want to.  We can stop waiting to feel like doing something in order to do it.

3. You can make any change that you want in your life. Whether it’s eating healthier or saving money, it is possible to make any change.

4. Watch your fear and self doubt. You will make up many excuses why you should or should not do something.

5. It’s not the big moves that define your life. It’s the smallest ones.

6. Your mind is very powerful and it can work against you and put to rest any instinct that you may have to do something. It can trick you into believing things that are uncertain and stop you from acting.

7. Worrying, doubting, fear, waiting, staying silent, feeling insecure and overthinking are all habits and like all other habits can be overcome. Breaking negative patterns can be done  by creating new ones.

8. Don’t take time to think through things. Fear and anxiety will come through and stop you.

9. Courage is a birthright and it is inside each and everyone of us. You can tap into it anytime you want.

10. Courage is just a push. You pushing yourself.

11. There is “no right time” to improve your life. Any excuses that you might make are wrong.

12. Life is already hard and we make it so much harder if we listen to our excuses and fears. We make ourselves miserable.

13. Waiting for the right time is not procrastination. It’s you working against your dreams.

14. You validate your own dreams by pursuing them. Don’t wait for someone else to validate your dreams.

15. The difference between those who make their dreams come true and those who don’t is the courage to start.

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