How To Save More Money in 2019

Money is not everything. Money is the only thing. It is very important for us to be smart with our money. Learning to be smart with your money at a young age is important, because some of us will own businesses and run homes in future.

Money is what we use in our daily lives. They say that money is not everything and they are right. Money is not everything but money is the only thing. To have financial freedom you need to be able to work with the money you are spending so that the rest can be saved and invested for future use.

  1. DIY skin and hair products. There are amazing do it yourself masks you can make at home with ingredients found in the kitchen. You can make some effective face masks at home using yoghurt, olive oil and turmeric. Avocado deep conditioning treatment can be made at home. Take an avocado, olive oil, yoghurt and a banana and blend or mash if you’re strong enough (WARNING: if it is not smooth, you will have a hard time washing the mask off). Using extremely ripe fruits is best for these treatments.
  2. Recreate meals at home and invite friends over instead of going out to eat at expensive restaurants which can prove to be quite expensive and cooking together is also a good time to bond with your friends and family. You can try reverse engineering these iconic meals like KFC Fried Chicken. You will find that what you spend in making that meal will be less than half of what you use to actually buy the meal.
  3. Carry your lunch from home. This is free because it is probably what you ate the day before. This is much healthier and more economical. Getting good lunch daily can prove to be expensive and we don’t want to keep buying chips every day.
  4. Buy relevant things. Buy fitting clothes. Do not buy small clothes and keep them until you lose weight. You will not wear those clothes because chances are you will not lose weight. Those clothes will go to someone else. Buy the smaller clothes once you have lost the weight.
  5. Don’t buy rubbish. Do not buy things you do not need. When buying clothes buy something you will wear more than once (unless it’s a wedding dress).  Buy clothes that you can pair with everything. For example a leather jacket is a versatile piece. You can wear it with absolutely anything. You name it shorts, skirts, pants and dresses. You wear it on a night out and also to the office or at school.
  6. Thrift shop. Second hand clothes are a great alternative. You get great clothes for a very low price. You have to be very careful when choosing those clothes. This also applies to books and magazines. There are books that go for as little as fifty shillings. The magazines that you will buy are obviously not recent (that month’s issue) but the knowledge is still useful. Don’t worry about that.
  7. Avoid impulse buying. It will lead to possible regret.  There is need for you to make a prior decision before. Go to the supermarket with what you want to buy in mind.  Learn how to make budgets which come along with shopping lists.

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