How to save Money when you are on Minimum Wage

Do the following to live well on minimum wage.

  • Take advantage of the food offered at your workplace and substitute them with your meals. We do recognize that not all employers offer a meal to its staff. This may not apply to everyone.
  •  When you get paid. Write down what you have to pay in terms to be expenses and debts
  • Carry your lunch from home. This prevents you from wasting food and buying food everyday for lunch will end up being expensive in the long run.
  •  Don’t buy coffee and bottled water except when it’s really necessary. If you have access to some clean water then there’s no need to buy a bottle of water. Invest in a good water bottle that you will be constantly be refilling.
  •  Thrift stores. You get clothes which are of very good quality and cheaper. We should note that these clothes are second hand so take your time to look and the clothes and make sure they are still in good condition.
  • Find cheaper hobbies that don’t cost too much. Social media has filled us with lies that we have to indulge in very expensive hobbies to be happy. Cheap hobbies can be fun as well.
  • Make use of free Wi-Fi at work, in restaurants and also in schools. Use this Wi-Fi to download music, TV series (Netflix, YouTube and Apple Music have a download option) movies and watch them offline later when you are at home or don’t have access to the internet.
  • Don’t buy expensive products. These Instagram stars and YouTubers advertise some expensive products. There are cheaper alternatives to beauty products that are just as effective as the high end products. Some of these products will break your bank account.
  • Buy only what you can afford. Stay away from debt.
  •  Live below your means. Sometimes we confuse wants for needs. You can live without wants but you cannot live without needs.
  • Find a roommate. It will help you share costs and it will not be as overwhelming as doing everything alone
  •  Downsizing. You don’t have to have everything. Just stick to buying your needs and leave your wants for the meantime.
  •  Fuck YOLO. YOLO doesn’t and shouldn’t apply when you’re tight with money. You have to think about the future in order to make sound financial decisions
  •  Reduce the number of clothes that you think you should have. Women these days own at least twenty clothes. There are some books and magazines which tell you at least fifty clothes that you must have. If you wear all those fifty clothes then use them. But if you don’t wear them it’s a waste.

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