How to achieve healthy hair

“Your hair is your best accessory,” Kristy Fidanza.

Hair does not make life perfect but having healthy hair is an added bonus. Long hair is a desire of many people and it will take a lot of work to grow out your hair. A good haircare routine will propel you toward healthy hair. Here are tips to achieve healthy hair and ultimately long hair.

  1. Understand your hair type, what your hair needs and what works for your hair in terms of haircare. Explore your products and find out what works for you and stick with them.
  2.  Practice healthy hair habits. From cleansing to conditioning and even nutrition
  3. Ensure that you are consistent. If you want healthy hair, you must always keep up good healthy habits. If you take your hair, it will reward you and it will show.
  4. Incorporate Ayurveda to your hair journey. Ayurvedic oils and herbs play a key part in hair growth and also treating scalp conditions such as dandruff and infections.
  5. Feed your hair from within. The diet that you have has an impact to the strength, length and even shine of your hair. Eat healthy and nutritional foods and both your skin and hair will appreciate it. While you are at this point remember to drink a lot of water. If you eat well, you don’t have to rely on supplements. Maintain a diet that is high in protein and don’t forget your greens.
  6. Avoid excess heat. Take care when you use heat on your hair. Heat is one of the causes of hair damage. Prepare your hair with a heat protectant prior to blow drying and flat ironing.
  7. Take care of your scalp as much as you take care of you’re the ends of your hair. Scalp care will lead to new growth and taking care of your ends encourage retention of growth.
  8. Use a satin or silk pillow case or bonnet when you are about to go to bed to protect your hair from damage that comes from the friction of rubbing on the fabric of cotton pillowcases.
  9. Cleanse your hair when necessary. Don’t overdo it. Too much shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils.
  10. Experiment with your kitchen ingredients to make your own at home Do it Yourself recipes.
  11. Invest in your hair and don’t be afraid to splurge every once in a while on your crown.
  12. Be gentle with your hair. How you handle your hair determines how much growth you will retain. Love it, care for it and treat it like your best friend.
  13. Be patient with your hair and give it time for it to thrive. Never give up on your hair.

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