Do It Yourself Treatments v Store Bought Treatments: Which is better?

In order to achieve great looking hair, your regimen is a key element. It will determine whether your hair will turn heads or people will just pass you by. An important part of this regimen is hair treatments. They can be store bought or you can make them at home. Both of them have their advantages.

Do It Yourself treatments

The ingredients you use are fresh. Many homemade treatments have honey, eggs, fresh aloe vera leaves. This in turn means that your hair is exposed to less chemical preservatives. This is really good for your hair.

You are in control of what goes in to your mask and ultimately your hair since you are making your own mask. You will then do your research and use ingredients that respond to your hair.

They are cheaper to use. This is because most of these ingredients are found in your kitchen and you will hardly have to spend a dime. For example an egg, honey and coconut oil hair mask. There is a high chance that you will have this at home so it’s a free hair treatment and the plastic bag that you use to keep moisture in your hair you will have gotten it for free when buying stuff.

You know that goes in to your hair. Let’s be honest, some of us barely made it out of that chemistry class. So you don’t read the ingredients in your products because of lack of interest. So you will not look up things like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which actually makes hair dry hence leading to damage.

If you are trying to stay away from chemical products and not just hair products these homemade treatments are for you for its just fruits and vegetables you are applying to your hair.

Store bought treatments

Using these treatments saves time. For example when using a henna treatment, you will have to let it set. When you mix your water, lemon and henna, it is advisable to let it sit for six to ten hours. The benefits are there but that’s a long time. For the store-bought treatments, there is no need to take time to prepare them.

While we are still on that point of time, most of the hair wash days can be dreaded because of the time the treatment will stay on your hair. There are several store bought treatments that are to stay in your hair for as little time as two minutes and you can use it while in the shower. These come in handy when you are on the go.

The store bought treatments can easily be used as leave in treatments and not be too bulky on the hair.

The consistency of the bought treatment is just right and you will not make a mess while putting on the treatment.


Both of them work. Look at you budget and make an informed decision. Don’t go broke because of hair product.

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