Power dressing: the guide to every working woman dressing at work

The power of clothes is underrated. A lot of thought should go into clothes because they are a big part of the image that a person portrays. Clothes will tell someone about their personality, religion, income and other things.

How you dress will determine how you are view as a professional. The saying do not judge a book by its cover never applies when dealing with clothes especially at work. These tips will guide you in making dress worthy decisions for yourself.

1. You don’t have to break the bank to look great. Shop within your budget and don’t get into debt because of clothes. Go to thrift stores.

2. You don’t have to have too many clothes. No one cares about the clothes that you’re wearing and whether you wore the same blouse twice in one week. It doesn’t matter.

3. Choose quality over quantity. Look for something that is well tailored is good quality fabric. Good quality clothes will last you more than a year.

4. The fit of the clothes matters a lot. If you can afford it, get your clothes tailor made. It takes time to go and look for fabric yourself and deciding what the design of the clothes will look like but the advantage is that it’s made to your specific body size and your input is on the clothes Don’t buy clothes that are too small for you that you end up being unable to move because your clothes are too tight. Don’t wear bigger clothes that are too big. They are not flattering. If you have a piece that is too big, go and find a tailor who will readjust it for you.

5. The color of your clothes. Wear black, blue, green, and red, purple, brown. Wear the colors that you like. Don’t feel restricted. If your career / work have some rules regarding dressing follow them. You can always have fun on the weekend or during dress down Fridays. Be careful with prints; whether floral print or animal print. Don’t overdo it.

6. Every working woman must have the following staples; a black blazer, a classic white button down shirt, a pair of statement pumps (not platform heels), a black pencil skirt or pants if you’re not into skirts that matches your blazer.

7. Don’t overdo your accessories. It can be a simple watch, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings. Don’t look like you are going to be in a rap album such as  Cardi B in the money video.

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