Why You Need To Add Olive Oil To Your Beauty Regimen

Olive oil is the natural oil extracted from the olive tree fruit. It is produced by pressing whole olives. It is filled with fatty acids such as oleic acid which promotes skin repair and vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin K.


 Olive oil helps in nourishing the hair and is a great remedy for general hair health. It repairs damaged hair and helps fight dry scalp issues and dandruff. Regular use of olive oil on your hair will promote hair growth and make your hair thick. One of the ways to use it is as a preshampoo treatment. Saturate your ends and roots with extra virgin olive oil and spend from thirty minutes up to twelve hours with the oil in your scalp and wash it out. You can apply it before you sleep and let it sit overnight or apply it before going to the gym or on a weekend before running errands. The great thing about olive oil is that it doesn’t have a pungent smell, so you’ll not notice anything.

Olive oil can be used as a great hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatments pack your hair with moisture. This is an amped up preshampoo treatment. Apply olive oil to your hair, cover it with a shower cap and then wrap it with a towel and sit under a hair drier for about twenty minutes. If you don’t have a hair dryer, your blow dryer will work. Place it on the hot settings and run it on top of your towel for fifteen minutes. If you don’t have the two, run your towel in hot water and then cover it on your hair (please be very careful with this one).

Olive oil is great for soothing an itchy scalp. It will relieve the scalp and will reduce itching. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and promote healing of the wounds caused by itching skin.

Deep conditioner for your hair

This is a recipe for a homemade deep conditioner in case you run out or can’t afford the expensive deep conditioners because let’s face it; beauty products can be really expensive. Use your regular conditioner and add olive oil and a little bit of castor oil. Place this in your applicator bottle and shake it vigorously.

Skin moisturizer

 You can make a homemade face mask with olive oil. One recipe is olive oil and honey face mask which is great for adding moisture, great for anti-aging and is filled with antioxidants to keep you looking great

A homemade remedy for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and any conditions where your skin flairs up. It will relieve inflammation and relieve the pain that comes with the inflammation. You don’t have to spend too much money going to the dermatologist when you have the remedy in your house.

Apply olive oil as face oil to your clean face before you go to sleep for soft skin, it will help heal your skin and clear out any rashes. It’s safe for use by children.

You can also make body lotion using olive oil.

You can use olive oil as a makeup remover and it will counter the drying effects of matte make up. It is a good alternative to the makeup removers that are alcohol based.


Dead skin is terrible and that thing has to go away. A homemade exfoliating scrub recipe is olive oil and instant coffee which has a very smooth consistency. The coffee scrub works great on your hair as well and is not hard to come out. If you don’t mind the consistency of your scrub, use sugar which has a harder texture compared to the coffee. The sugar scrub is not recommended for your hair. It also works on your lips.

Ear wax solution

Apply it a few days before you want to remove your ear wax. It will soften the wax making removing the wax easier.

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